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We are a studio committed to responsible design that does not compromise. We find the balance between life, art, technology and the future we are all headed in to. We are trained in passivhaus technology, conservation, architecture, interior design and fashion. We are embracing a new philosophy that encompasses the duties of our generations.   

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Our mission is to be a part of a new generation of designers that no longer turn their backs on contentious issues such as climate change. We wish to take up our fundamental human duty as caretakers of this planet seriously. We aim to bring our experience with traditional buildings and historic trade practices and merge them with net-zero technology so that our spaces become the future of high design.


We wish to see people living and working in clean, low energy homes that are built with beauty and care. No stone should be left unturned. All this must be considered and technology must reconcile with the past to build a better future.

Brick Construction
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